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Acupuncture Online - Ask Dr. Raju

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Acupuncture is done with needles. Will it not be painful?
Most of the points are tender to touch, since they do not resist any penetration like the needle prick, heat or electric impulses. A few deep points are pricked to produce a Neurogenic shock, which gives the best results. To sum up, Acupuncture needles are very thin, and are painless compared to the syringe needle, which is a hollow tubule.

How frequently one has to take the treatment? How much time will it take?
The treatment may be on a weekly basis if Classical Points are treated, but it is needed daily for Acute cases. A few minutes of treatment is needed, and one can go back to his or her normal routines.

Will the whole treatment for Chronic problems take more than a year?
Not in most of the cases; The length of treatments depends on the patient, and the complexity involved in assessing the (Five element) constitutional picture. On an average the symptoms and their underlying causes will be cleared in Six months, with a total of 10 weekly sittings.

Your Website offers Online cure. How can our Body points be needled?
Acupuncture is not only Needling, but a combination of several techniques. Pressure applied at appropriate points for repeated days, will certainly produce equivalent effects in curing a condition. Of course, Heating of Certain points is recommended to Members of our Website, for which they need to buy Moxa Cigar.

According to the Five Element Theory, what is Anger? What is Jealousy?
Anger results in an elevated Fiery constitution. Jealousy is excess of Humidity, causing retention of thoughts, as there is retention of fluids in the system, during imperfect elimination of unwanted matter.

Do you have any idea about Essential Oils? Are they also applied during Acupressure?
Essential Oils are the Life Extracts of Plants, and have tremendous healing power. They penetrate into the skin to reach the Muscles and Nerves, and Specific application of Pertinent Aroma Oils at Prescribed Acu points has helped our members to get rid of Migraine, Sinusitis and Occipital Headache several times.

How can your Online course provide Practical Training? Is it not unsafe to puncture on somebody’s body?
A knotty question though, I would recommend that a student should learn on Self treatment basis. Then it is easy to apply Pressure over certain Anatomically Safe points, to cure his Friends and Relatives in the First place. The most vital secret is that Powerfully Healing points are on the Extremities (Hands and Legs), and it very safe at those areas. Acupressure on Body Points will suffice. Expert Acupuncturists use only upto four or five needles most of the time. Pressure and Heat Modalities are combined.