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iFed Analysis - An Overview

IFED is the acronym for 'Interactive Five Element Diagnosis' and is the ground-breaking innovation and copyright of Jingwell Academy,, and our Holistic Health Hub.

The Life force in each Individual is a Homogenous mixture of Six Hetero Forces or energies viz., Heat, Humidity, Dryness, Coldness, Draft and Brightness. The six energies have their own further subdivisions into Positive and Negative Polarities or attributes.

For example, Draft has two boundaries - 'Stormy vs. Breezy'. Heat has two boundaries - 'Scorching vs. Warm'. These Hetero forces are set to an internal balance within the two extremities or boundaries, like an oscillating Pendulum. These Pendulums combine to set a frequency which expresses any one among the Six forces.

Therefore, a person has a predominantly Hot constitution, another has a Cold constitution, some have Humid constitutions, a few have Dry constitutions. Some people are Bright, some are Dull.

This basic Five Element mixture (Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Wood) reflects on the Individual's Physical, Physiological and Psychological planes.

Therefore, by gathering certain facts, symptoms and attitudes connected with the Patient or Client, his or her Energy mapping is done, without a Pulse Diagnosis. This is an integrated method of Psycho analysis.

Clear facts are needed in order to assess the underlying cause for Symptoms, Disorders or Disease in the patient. It is easier than Pulse Diagnosis, if done accurately with the Cooperation of the patient.

Persons at any remote corner of the Globe can have their constitutions assessed through IFED. Treatment will be suggested after a thorough analysis.