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Welcome to Acupuncture Online

Acupuncture - has been understood to be a Drugless Healing system that works beyond Human discoveries.

Treatments use Needles, Touch, Photons, Lasers, Heat, Cupping and Sounds to enhance the Meridian Network that connects all the "Abstract Principles" to the "Tangible Substances and Organs" of the body.

Acupuncture treatment works on the Physical, Physiological, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual levels and elevates a person's Socio-economic status and Lifestyles through Resonance Modulation.

Welcome to the world of awakening through Traditional Wisdom of TCM - Acupuncture !!


iFed Analysis

An innovative health cure system by assessing an Individual's life forces can be helpful in gathering certain facts, symptoms and underlying causes for disorders/ disease.

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Get answers/tips for your Health related queries. Learn how Acupuncture/ Acupressure can provide relief for your health related issues.

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Read a collection of articles on Acupuncture/ Acupressure and learn how it could be helpful in curing your health related disorders.

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Monthly Schedule (August 2017)

August 1 to 10 Chennai
August 11 to 21 Bangalore
August 21 till 31 Chennai
  • My mother got relieved completely from her vertigo attacks in just one sitting

    Atul, Age 30, Chartered Accountant

  • Thank Dr. C.K. Raju for his commendable services rendered towards the humanity!

    Ashwin S. Kumar, Business Consultant from Chennai (India)

  • Relief from my wheezing problems and menstrual issues!

    S. Sreeja from Chennai (India)

  • Relief from my arthritis issues, which prevented me to walk even few feet

    S. Lakshmi from Chennai (India)

  • "Migraine cured with one needle poke! Infertility simultaneously treated!"

    Sherly aged 43, of Nadavayal, Wayanad District, Kerala

  • "Hyperthyroidism treated with a few points"

    Sr. Berta, St.Ann's (South Zone) Sacred Heart Hospital - Tuticorin, India

  • "My Experiences in the field of Acupuncture

    Sr. Sheela Augustine, (St.Ann's Society) Sacred Heart Hospital - Tuticorin

  • "Atul Kumar's Diabetes cured in two sittings - Fatty Liver diagnosed."

    Nizar - SANS Enterprises, Steel Market Chennai,

Jingwell Academy's Hall of Fame

The following qualified Acupuncture professionals trained by our Academy are attending Multi-national clients on-board various passenger cruises.

Dr. Arun Vijayan,
MD.Acu, M.Ac

Dr. Arun Vijayan

Dr. Kamalesh Kumar Arya,

Dr. Kamalesh Kumar Arya

Dr. Ragalesh Menon,

Dr. Ragalesh Menon

Dr. Snehal Chapolkar

Dr. Snehal Chapolkar