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Acupuncture - understood to be a Drug-less Healing system working beyond Human discoveries, was part of Traditional Oriental Wisdom (TCM as it is known popularly among Chinese). It was a pre-scientific (W)holistic treatment system documented 2 millennia ago in ancient China, which has survived and surpassed the most modern treatment systems.

Using simple Touch, Palpation, Massage, Needles, Warming, and Cupping of specific sites in the body the flow of Life energy along the Meridian Network is enhanced. Life energy (Soul) gets harmonized and connects certain "Abstract Principles" (like feelings, power, happiness, etc) with the "Tangible Substances and Organs" (vessels, cells, muscles, bones, organs, etc) of the body - leading to Health and Harmony in Life.

Acupuncture treatment works on the Physical, Physiological, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual levels, and elevates a person's Socio-economic status and Lifestyles through altered behavioral perspectives which are all provided by this Resonance Modulation.

Welcome to the world of awakening through Traditional Wisdom of TCM - Acupuncture !!

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Acupuncture Courses

We offer a comprehensive course on scientific and classical Acupuncture (TCM). The course gives each student the opportunity to practice needling under the guidance of well-trained Authorized Professionals.

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