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Dr. Raju, Acupuncturist and Chief Trainer has found more of the hidden treasure in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and dedicates totally for Acupuncture research and application. His sole motive is to propagate the knowledge and idea, to make natural healers and to cure Stress, Anxiety, Tension and Migraine online through suggestions, health related topics etc. Dr. Anton Jayasuriya

The changing attitude of 70% of the population towards preventive healthcare, attracts the attention of our team, which in turn intends to boost the health information facilities and to provide quality Holistic Medical education and training.

This website is an avenue to accomplish the mission of providing this World, the natural ways of healing, which was prevalent in the ancient times, without any side effects.

This website contains valuable information about Acupuncture and Natural Healing, for those who are interested in Acupuncture / Acupressure and Natural ways of Healing, and mould them into Professional Acupuncturists and Healers. The resources in this website would be useful not only for those people who intend to pursue their career in the field of Acupuncture, but also to a common man for a healthy living.

We hope the resources found in this Website would be useful to you, to propagate the ideas and the ways of natural healing for the well being of the human kind.

Thank you for your time!

Dr. C.K. Raju B.Sc, PGDYN, Dr.(Acu), M.Ac, Ph.D(Acu)
Acupuncturist and Chief Trainer