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ACUPUNCTURE POINTS — Windows of the Healing Energy

Disease is a shifted state of Physiological Energy that is normally needed for the proper functioning of the Mind and Body. Health is restored by bringing the energy levels of all the Organs and Functional Sub units of the body to the normal state.

In establishing an equilibrium within the Life Force, Energy treatments are superior to Material Medicines. The material medicines do not possess powerful healing energy and do not match the type of energy that is upset within the patient.

Therefore, the internal (own) energy is used to set a balance. In a family, when the beloved Wife is sick or weak, She is treated gently and her duties are shared by others within the family. We don’t replace the wife. Similarly, treatment of the Internal Organ should proceed from within.

"Wa—ashshifaa walil maafisudhoor" - Holy Qur'an

This kind of a therapy, was practiced by Prophet Mohammed (P.B.U.H) in the name of 'Pachney Lagaana' (Courtesy: Thibbey Nabhavi) He used a fish bone (spine) to punch specific points on the sick person's body, to effect a cure. This therapy was practiced in several Oriental countries like China and India, and is today known as "Acupuncture".

The points used in Acupuncture therapy are unseen window—like openings which allow energy to enter or exit. The entry of cosmic energy or the exit of excess pathological energy results in equilibrium needed for the cure.

Breathing exercise and Acupuncture combined together can cure any disorder. There are no external factors and therefore no side effects. The symptoms are like sceneries observed during a train journey. During treatment, the symptoms appear in the reverse order, revealing a cure, as if the train winds backward and the scenes appear in the reverse order.

Acupuncture is not a new treatment. Even though it has advanced, it is known only to the Western world, where English and Science are dominant. Translation of the concepts into many Languages is today's need.

Let all the people live in health and peace.