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Acupuncture and Law of Attraction

Acupuncture needs Positive Attitudes

Acupuncture is a "Bio-energy Therapy" that uses the life sustaining energy of the Universe, also known as Prana, Chi, Qi, Pneuma, Vital energy, Cosmic energy, Life energy, Light, Electromagnetic field and so many other names, to balance the energy body and create healing.

Acupuncture helps to trigger the immune system, by balancing the Five Evolutive Phases of the Five Elements so the body can heal itself.

The Five Elements manifest physiologically as the Five Evolutive Phases:

  1. Combustion and Molding
  2. Aggregation and Gravitation
  3. Agitation and Conduction
  4. Dissolution and Elimination
  5. Growth, Development and Reproduction

Acupuncture therapy:

The Acupuncturist does not use his/her own energy, but rather directs bio-energy, which contains all information your body needs to heal itself to the part of your body where it is needed, or removes excess energy from where there is too much.

The body is capable of healing itself; depending on the individual. What is felt during a treatment ranges from very powerful sensations to no sensations at all.

Enhancement of Receptivity through Receptor Clearance is the maxim of Acupuncture.

Acupuncture Therapy is:

Acupuncture-points are like transformers or inflow points of bio-energy from the meridians into the tissue structure. If this flow along a meridian and into the muscles is blocked, a limb becomes sick, even if the blood circulation and nerve impulses are intact.

For the best cure through Acupuncture we must increase our inner reservoir of bio-energy by the following ways:

  1. The recharging of our etheric body during deep sleep;
  2. Through ingestion of fresh raw food, juices and charged water;
  3. Breathing prana-rich air;
  4. Through meditation and guided imagery;
  5. Rejuvenating directly through the chakra system, especially the crown chakra.

Therefore, improve your chances of recovery by exposing yourself to high concentrations of positive energy in several ways.

One such way of becoming positive, successful and happy is by following the "Law of Attraction".

The electric charge is a fundamental physical property of Atom, which determines the electromagnetic interaction.

Providence known as Karma, Fate, Chance, Destiny is a universal law and is in effect to enhance the growth of the spirit. We live in a Free Will Universe where you are totally free to do and experience whatever you want, but what you do is coming back to you.

If you dedicate yourself to enhancing the spiritual growth of self and others, your karma will reflect that, and the universe pays your back as material and inter convertible energy that helps you grow.

However, if you dedicate your life to lying, cheating and controlling others those kinds of energy are going to hit you back, and you will eventually, experience the other side of the coin.

In the universe, everything is energy, and karma has everything to do with energy and polarity. Electric charge is a Physical property of Matter that causes it to experience a Force when it is near other electrically charged matter.

There are two Electric charges 'Positive+' and 'Negative-'.

Think of Falling, Failures and Negative Results in Life - They manifest easily and rapidly. The reason for this can be seen in the structure and function of the Atom.

The Negative 'Electron' is loosely bound and spinning with a tremendous velocity - ready to escape out of the shell. Negative thoughts are easily invoked and they manifest rapidly than the rigid positive thoughts or values.


Acupuncture needs lot of Positive energy and Attitudes for healing the whole world of sickness and to present a Healthy Future.