Acupuncture Articles

The DON among Organs
Wood (Tree) stores every potential to grow, evolve, hold firmly, and be flexible at the other end, and Earth allowed the penetration of the roots to keep the wood firm. Both these elements within the body are involved in Evolution from the single cell (gamete otherwise) somatic as well as reproductive, from the earlier Primate (monkey) and the Milk drinking ability (all other animal milk) that actually gave the dominance to the Homo Sapien (Human).

Meridian Frequencies
We need to understand that the 5 or 7 elements that influence all creation under the Sun have unique frequencies that help to identify them through their own colors and sounds. These include the Sunlight, Air and its waves as Wind/Drafts, Oceans, Rivers, Waterfalls and their Waves and Gushing/ Roaring sounds, the Rainfall and its dropping sounds, Wood that allows branches and leaves to dance with the winds, Earth that makes tunes using its own rocks, gravel (the blue metal) and Space/ mystic Sky that allows flashes of lightning and roaring thunder.

Acupuncture - a Biophysical treatment
Teaching Acupuncture in future needs a modern perspective with physics and developmental biology alongside with the existing traditional cosmological basis that could explain this healing science better.

Inner Healing - TCM
Most minds are driven by the faith (placebo) that any external intervention would make us healthy and strong. Only the wise can understand that inner calm will never bring any calamity.. Whatsoever! Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) explains Mindfulness!

Acupuncture system and various strata of Practitioners
Acupuncture system includes several methods of drugless treatment that activate sensitive body points that function like vortices to balance the body's energies to restore health in an otherwise sick person. Treatment approach is (W)holistic and uses 'Touch, Palpation, Pressure, Needling, Cupping, Massage, Seed embedding, Catgut embedding, Electric Stimulation, Moxibustion (warming up the points), Laser application, Herbal plastering and such methods'.

Alterative Acupuncture
Acupuncture is a drugless treatment that applies stimulation to certain invisible energy points on the skin, by touching, palpating and mostly penetrating the underlying tissues with a filiform sterile metal needle.

Five Landscapes in TCM Acupuncture
TCM Acupuncture is a sure way of comprehensive healing in all conditions as we integrate the knowledge of the Five Landscapes and the Sixty Command Points

Emotional Disorders treated by Acupuncture and TCM
According to TCM Acupuncture, stress, frustration, and unresolved anger can play an important part in throwing the immune system off and allowing pathogens to affect the body

Acupuncture and Law of Attraction
Acupuncture is a "Bio-energy Therapy" that uses the life sustaining energy of the Universe, also known as Prana, Chi, Qi, Pneuma, Vital energy, Cosmic energy, Life energy, Light, Electromagnetic field and so many other names, to balance the energy body and create healing.

Spine of Knowledge
India is a country of hidden treasures and knowledge. Lot of traditional medicine and yogic culture has its trace towards this illustrious nation. Many Sages Mystics had explored many arts and trades and had mastery of various domains.

Status of Acupuncture in India
Article that focuses on treating status of Acupuncture in India

Purpose of Human Life
Article that focuses on purpose of Human Life

Acupuncture for Weight Loss
Article that focuses on treating Weight Loss and obesity with acupuncture combined by Moxibustion wherein certain Acu points are warmed up by the tip of an ignited Herbal Cigar known as Moxa cigar.

Acupuncture for Infertility
Acupuncture as a drug-free treatment for Infertility. People having structural infertility would need to supplement their standard medical treatment with acupuncture. Acupuncture is a useful tool for patients looking to increase their chances of becoming pregnant following assisted reproduction therapy.

Acupuncture Treatment for Diabetes and Hypertension
Acupuncture is a neuro hormonal therapy, it is a palliative as well as a curative therapy in Diabetes. Hypertension is only controlled by drug therapies; therefore to get a cure the alternative methods are resorted to by almost all patients with a history of persistent headaches and insomnia. Acupuncture has proven to be the best in most of the cases.

Aura and Acupuncture
The idea of an energy cloud or AURA, surrounding the body goes back many centuries, long before the invention of the Halo by the Christians. A New York clairvoyant had reported seeing spirals of energy leaving a newly dead body. He also found that this aura changed shape and color according to the well-being of the person and thereafter used it as an aid to medical diagnosis.

Acupuncture - A Natural Catalysis
Acupuncture is an energy treatment. Irregularities in Diet and Lifestyle combined with Pollution and Cosmic Influences cause Disease, thus shifting the Life force to an unhealthy state. By restoring the five component Energies viz. Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Wood to equilibrium, the person is cured. These Energies are needed for the in-vivo catalysis of existing Bio-chemic processes.

Modern Strategies and Future of Acupuncture
Acupuncture is the only healing science endowed with engineering concepts and logic. By forming strategies using common sense and basic Physical Sciences, Acupuncture can be applied as a wonderful healing therapy in a cost effective and faster manner.

Acupressure Techniques and Treatment
An article that covers Acupressure Techniques and Treatment such as Su-Jok acupressure, finger pressure and ancient customs, worship systems etc.

Cure for Migraine
Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine have been used to relieve Headaches and Migraines, as well as their underlying causes, for thousands of years and is a widely accepted form of treatment for headaches in our society. Acupuncture points to treat headaches are located all over the body. During the acupuncture treatment, tiny needles will be placed along your legs, arms, shoulders, and perhaps even your big toe!

Benefits of Acupuncture
Acupuncture is an anicent therapy which has no side effects and has direct influence on the Endocrine and Autonomous Nervous systems which paves way to a good cure for the Mind disorders, Growth disorders and even undiscovered and unnamed diseases.

Introduction to Acupuncture
Acupuncture is an oriental method of treating disease by balancing the Constitution or internal climate of the sick person. Treatment is carried out by inserting unique needles at specific body points known which have very low resistance to any pressure.

Science beyond Acupuncture
Acupuncture Channels are Functional pathways of Bio-Chemical Energy transmission. Cures are effected in the body through Bio chemical mediators and binding receptors. Similarly, Acupuncture treatment sorts out the Blocker Errors along the Functional Channels, for better and permanent cure, without side effects. Sometimes the cure may be partial, but the relief is more.

Acupuncture Points - Windows of healing energy
Acupuncture points are unseen window like openings which allow energy to enter or exit. The entry of cosmic energy or the exit of excess pathological energy results in equilibrium needed for the cure. Breathing exercise and Acupuncture combined together can cure any disorder. There are no external factors and therefore no side effects. The symptoms are like sceneries observed during a train journey. During treatment, the symptoms appear in the reverse order, revealing a cure, as if the train winds backward and the scenes appear in the reverse order.