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Acupuncture - a Biophysical treatment

With modern day information intelligence and actual hospital experiences, we almost know that medical treatment is all about ions - Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium etc., that are sub-atomic particles. There are much unknown unexplained disease conditions too on the rise.

Acupuncture an Oriental system of treatment that uses 'touch, needle-pricking, stimulation with heat, light or micro-currents' for more than a millennium - works by moving the spark of life (Qi in Chinese language) through invisible pathways known as meridians (Jing-Luo).

This manipulation of Qi happens by presence of sub-atomic particles all along the body and outside cell membranes and surrounding fascia - as researched and written by scientists around the world after they studied the medicine systems of both east and west.

The meridian system had originated right from the embryonic stages, with the migration of 'neural crest cells' that form the brain - deciding the appearance, intelligence and health of a person right from the beginning. These developments are synonymous to Jing the essence of Life in Chinese version of Acupuncture theory.

Those who had undergone acupuncture needling treatment already know that a small current of electricity had passed through their bodies from top to bottom or left to right - to relieve any pain or to increase their appetite and so on. Similarly seizures had been controlled by well-trained responsible practices. Acupuncture treatment has a good result on behavior modulation too.

Much earlier to Albert Einstein a Tamil Poetess "Avvayyar" had spoken about atomic explosion while she quoted the explosion of tiny mustard when the Seven Seas could be forced into the tiny seed, in her appraisal of a Contemporary Poet "Thiruvalluvar".

Five thousand years back, the Oriental people had known that puncturing a tiny body point could cause a Cascading release of energy in several areas of the body, resulting in cure - but this documented treatment system was hidden in deeper parts of China until the 19th century.

In 1972, when Richard Nixon visited Beijing, tremendous events took place and there was a resultant propagation of Acupuncture to the United States and further research and development had set in.

Scientists who explored the therapy have accepted Acupuncture to be a constitutional science which corrects the imbalances in the Five Energies supporting the Life force, to function properly and to restore a healthy state in the Physical body. Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Wood are the five elements. In short, the Life force is a mixture of all these five.

Excess of any one among these results in symptoms, behavioral changes and different attitudes. For example, excessive Fire results in excess heat, anger, over confidence, sleeplessness, elevated Blood pressure and Tension etc. A person with such an excessive heat will drive a vehicle to madness causing accidents all along his way. Similarly, there will be accidents within his Physiological pathways, which produce the symptoms.

Expansion caused by excessive heat leads to abrupt acceleration in the Velocity causing all this. The reverse of heat is cold and contraction that leads to increased Viscocity of Blood leading to clots. The saint poet Thiruvalluvar wrote in couplet 941 – "Even the slightest increase or decrease of the three elements of body beginning air, say the erudite well versed, shall bring disease speedy".

Science is perfect with all its available dimensions and here we have a five dimensional therapy that makes a better picture of the body constitution as a component in time and space, responding to changing seasons and landscapes - this is an ultimate basis for successful treatment in acupuncture even for idiopathic diseases.

Given the right environment, every organ in the human body CAN heal itself. This is the core model (five element theory) in Acupuncture. The much more fascinating inner environment - (emotions) creates one’s destiny! There is Natural Intelligence in Planetary movements, Embryological development, Evolution of a Tree from its seed and our Immune system (that corrects the physiology). Yes, the autonomic system is the best healer in this world – the back shu points of Acupuncture system had been given utmost importance in the role of healing any chronic disease state of the body and mind.

Genetic screening of embryos before IVF implantation, Research on the protection of Telomere length in chromosomes for anti-ageing and thirdly Regenerative medical attempts are still in progress while Traditional system of Acupuncture had already worked on the above areas for more than a millennium!

Teaching Acupuncture in future needs a modern perspective with physics and developmental biology alongside with the existing traditional cosmological basis that could explain this healing science better.

Dr. C. K. Raju
Acupuncture Scientist
Editor – ASA India Newsletter
Lecturer – TNPESU Chennai
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