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Meridian Frequencies

We need to understand that the 5 or 7 elements that influence all creation under the Sun have unique frequencies that help to identify them through their own colors and sounds. These include the Sunlight, Air and its waves as Wind/Drafts, Oceans, Rivers, Waterfalls and their Waves and Gushing/ Roaring sounds, the Rainfall and its dropping sounds, Wood that allows branches and leaves to dance with the winds, Earth that makes tunes using its own rocks, gravel (the blue metal) and Space/ mystic Sky that allows flashes of lightning and roaring thunder. The ideology of the Microcosmic Body being analogous to the Macrocosmic World, the Elements within the (energy body) meridian system also have such frequencies (sounds, colors). Huang Di Nei Jing - already describes the existence of Five Frequencies for the Five Zang Viscera (Organs). It was found that even an Ultrasound scan probe over the meridians can enhance the meridian flow. MRI frequencies, Ultrasound, etc on entering the meridians/points have hidden benefits too.

There is only one point in each Meridian that has the same frequency as the meridian - this is known as the Horary Point. This point helps the Meridian to directly influence the Zang Organ itself if used during the raising and dropping timings _(2 hours during day and 2 hours during night)_ and this point has specific benefits of fine-tuning the frequency of the Organ and the Meridian. These points merge with the meridian frequency similar to a Blue dot on a blue line, Green dot on a greeen line, Red dot on a red line and so on.

Meridian space - defines the position of a point (distal, luo, source) and Meridian time - defines the matching frequency time of the treatment itself, since the 60 Command points are supposed to have an additional property known as e Time Bound Sensitivitye (_This is outcome of my research during the years 2000 to 2004_).

Dr. Raju C. Krishna