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Acupuncture - A Natural Catalysis

Acupuncture is an energy treatment. Energy circulation within organs gets blocked in one place, causing symptoms.

Irregularities in Diet and Lifestyle combined with Pollution and Cosmic Influences cause Disease, thus shifting the Life force to an unhealthy state. By restoring the five component Energies viz. Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Wood to equilibrium, the person is cured. These Energies are needed for the in-vivo catalysis of existing Bio-chemic processes.

The symptoms manifest themselves near vital energy pools or Acu-points which mostly lie near Joints of the body, or around Sense Organs. Mostly, the affected Organ is diagnosed through a specific pain along the Autonomic Nervous track on the Back.

The symptoms collectively indicate that treatment is needed for one or two Energy pathways, which are known as channels in Acupuncture therapy.

The Acupressure or Acupuncture Doctor applies pressure or penetration at the corrective points to release the blocked energy. The Acu-points have a very low resistance. Bio-energy is manipulated to stimulate or sedate an organ, through these points. The intermediate process is a release of fresh Bio-mediators, Enzymes, and Hormones due to the Catalysis of the existing processes.

The Physiology is set right and felt by the patient as a relief. In the long run, symptoms do not repeat, as the system gets cured.

The Life force is made up of two upward masculine energies and two downward feminine energies, balanced by a neutral bi-directional energy. The masculine energies are Fire and Air, while the feminine energies are Earth and Water.

Fire and Air provide heat and light for the communication of the living soul. Earth and Water provide the Structure, Nutrition, Growth and Reproductive functions of the body. The disorders can be easily classified using the five energy basis.

Yin and Yang are two polar attributes of the vital energy. They occupy two ends of an energy see-saw board. They swing the see-saw board within limits during a healthy condition. When they cross a certain limiting line while swinging, acute disorders are caused which proceed towards a chronic state.

Blocked energy shifts the Heat, Cold, Dryness, Humidity and Wind parameters within the body, which is reflected through several symptoms. The Seasons and local weather also influence the condition.

The equilibrium among these five Catalytic energies results in good Activity, Awareness, Digestion, Growth, Excretion and Reproduction.

The quality of the Life force reflects on the Mind, and the Behavior reflects on the Body. “MENS SANA CORPORE SANO” - in Latin means “Sound Mind in a Sound body”.

Natural therapies like Acupuncture treat the Life Force, Mind and Body. This is a superior therapy that originated 4000 years back.

Acupuncture is capable of influencing Cardiac rate, Peristalsis, Absorption of nutrients, Secretion and Re-absorption in Kidneys, Liver functions and almost all the sphincters in the body, through neuromuscular transmission.

The questions “Whether Acupuncture works?” and “How does Acupuncture work?” are outmoded today. “Whom shall I consult for an Acupuncture treatment?” should be the apt question.

Acupuncture therapy offers miraculous relief and cure in some cases, where one sitting for a lifetime will suffice. However, a vast majority of people need one monthly session to get their conditions cured. A few cases need intensive clinical treatment daily or weekly.

With some private hospitals offering an integrated holistic healing, people will not have much difficulty in identifying the proper practitioners. Acupuncture is a Constitutional therapy and a powerful Neurophysiology mediator. A few sittings and a few needles each time will be Safe, Effective and Economical without Side effects.