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Alterative Acupuncture

Dr RK (Raju Krishna)

Acupuncture is a drugless treatment that applies stimulation to certain invisible energy points on the skin, by touching, palpating and mostly penetrating the underlying tissues with a filiform sterile metal needle.

The basis of this ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) system of treatment lies in the interplay of the Elements in nature that are also within the living body, according to the Holistic belief of this system. “Everything that appears in the physical realm is always connected with energy flow at the invisible level” - as quoted by 'Nan Lu'. The vibrational frequencies around us and within us are considered interconnected. When the inner and outer frequencies are out of synchronization, disease follows. Acupuncture treats the meridian system to get synced again.

Five Elements provide a template to organize all natural phenomena into five master patterns or Evolutive Phases (EP). For example, each phase of transformation gives birth to, and nourishes, the next phase in sequence (i.e. water nourishes wood, wood nourishes fire, etc.). Each phase of transformation also has a restraining influence on the phase opposite to it (i.e. water quenches fire, metal cuts wood, fire melts metal etc.), thus causing a Transformation or Alteration of physiological processes.

'Fire melting Metal', 'Metal cutting Wood', 'Metal digging Earth'. 'Metal ionizing Water' and 'Water quenching Fire' are the most potent Alterative and Transformative actions that could be applied to a Patho-physiological system. Therefore, Fire and Metal acupuncture points chosen during treatments will be more capable of leading the physiology of a suffering person into a Transformation and /or Alteration, when the dominating phase is Earthly, Woody or Watery. Conversely Water will be more potent to encounter a Fiery domination.

Using such potent points, Acupuncture treatment sessions as well as Needle pricking sites can be minimized to make the treatment more efficacious. The list of points that are most alterative can be referred from any authentic index of acupuncture points. However, the TCM diagnostic principles, Pulse, Tongue and Palpation techniques should be integrated well.