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Aura and Acupuncture

The idea of an energy cloud or “AURA”, surrounding the body goes back many centuries, long before the invention of the Halo by the Christians. A New York clairvoyant had reported seeing spirals of energy leaving a newly dead body. This mythical haze was first investigated by Walter Kilner of St.Thomas Hospital in London, in 1911. He saw a radiant fringe about six inches wide around most bodies. He also found that this aura changed shape and color according to the well-being of the person and thereafter used it as an aid to medical diagnosis.

Our eyes are sensitive to light lying between the wavelengths of 380 and 760 millimicrons. Man’s body sends out electromagnetic waves just too long for most people to see. The Thermographic technique which translates heat radiation into wonderful color pictures, is now being used to detect Tumors and Cancers which show up as isolated hot areas. In thermographic portraits, cold hair and fingernails show up as black or blue, cool ear lobes are green, the nose is a lukewarm yellow, neck and cheeks are orange and red. So, the body does radiate on a wavelength just outside our normal vision, and this radiation changes according to the health of the person.

Kilner was perhaps right because the range of human sensitivity or perception is quite wide and varying from person to person. The aural waves, though beyond the visibility of the cone-shaped cells of the retina, are sensible to the rods around the edges of the eyes. Animals with good night vision have no cones and no ability to see color, but they can operate almost in pitch dark and they do have sensitivity to Infra-red radiations put out by their prey. Owls can detect a silent stationary mouse at a distance, but not a piece of dead meat of the same size.

Following up Kilner’s work, the Cambridge Biologist Oscar Bagnall tried many methods to sensitize the eyes for detecting the aura. He designed goggles with hollow lenses filled with a solution of dicyanine (a coar-tar dye) in triethanolamine. He found that aura could not be dispersed by air but was attracted to a magnet held close to the skin. He also found that the aural field extended farthest from projections of the body like fingers and nose-tip. The outer hazy layer of aura was found enveloping the bright inner layer.

In 1939 an electrician named Semyon Kirlian discovered a camera which needed no films or emulsion. He tried to take photographs with the flash of light between electrodes, and the resultant photograph of his fingers showed a sparkling and twinkling Milky Way against a backdrop of gold and blue. He continued the studies and found that the patterns of the hands varied with mood and health of the man to whom it belonged. “In living things, the signals of the inner state of the organism are reflected by the color and intensity of these flares” said kirlian.

Other experiments were carried out in Moscow, (using the kirlian high-frequency machine) to suggest the existence of an energy matrix in all living beings having the same shape of the organism but relatively independent of it. At the Kirov state University of Alma-Ata, a group of scientists have declared that this is a whole, unified, ionized, plasma-like constellation, and this is named as the “Biological Plasma Body”, which is influenced by a magnetic field.

Mikhail Gaikin, a surgeon from Leningrad happened to meet kirlian where he found that the photograph of his own hands tallied with the “ACUPUNCTURE” chart showing the important points on the skin, which he brought from China.

Acupuncture, the therapy of “pricking with a needle”, is a very old respected Chinese system of medicine which emphasizes on prevention of disease. The patient paid the doctor for the prevention of disease; if he fell sick, the doctor paid him. The well being of an organism depends upon a proper balance of Yin and Yang which are two opposite polarities. The subtle flow of energy circulating in the body is manipulated at the key points (of lower resistance) over the skin to release any excess or to replenish the energy, for which purpose a needle, finger tip or hot cigar (moxa cigar) is used. Several successful surgical operations have been carried out with Acupuncture Anesthesia in the Oriental countries, and the efficacy of Acupuncture therapy has been well established.