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Benefits of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an anicent therapy which has no side effects and has direct influence on the Endocrine and Autonomous Nervous systems which paves way to a good cure for the Mind disorders, Growth disorders and even undiscovered and unnamed diseases. While undergoing this treatment, a Patient is been provided Homeostasis, and further Health problems are averted due to the immunizing effects. It enhances Liver and Spleen activity to reduce edema and excess adipose tissue. Thus, Obesity is treated effectively and Ageing factors are wiped out.

Bone marrows and Nerve ends are influenced substantially, resulting in enrichment of Hemoglobin, and sensory regulation. Therefore, Acupuncture proves to be effective in sensory and motor disorders. Absorption factor in the Digestive Organs improves, after treatment through specific points, which enhances Appetite and stimulates Metabolism. Psychological sedation and equilibrium are achieved, hence suitable for Insomnia, Pain, Psychic disorders, Addictions, Aversions, Allergy and Delirium related disorders.

Acupuncture holds the key in curing natural Corticoids in cases of Arthritis and Pulmonary disorders. Serotonin agonism is achieved, and acupuncture is useful in treating Migraines and Allergies. Acupuncture powerfully influences the vaso-vagal tone, and has quick effect during Pulse rate changes and Cardiac emergencies. It also proves to be Cost Effective in both Chronic and Acute illness. Acupuncture holds the key to all Acute and Chronic disorders

A list of Diseases which are particularly yielding to Acupuncture therapy are given below:

Acupuncture is also palliative in certain conditions like Surgery, Accidents and Malignant disorders like Cancer. It is used to relieve certain symptoms brought about by Drugs used in those conditions. Some cases of Tumors and Cancers have also been treated with Acupuncture with other radiation modalities. In Growth, Fertility and Reproductive disorders, this is the best Adjuvant Hormonal therapy.

Painless Labor, and Acu Anesthesia are Integrated methods achieved by certain remarkable Surgeons in several countries.

Acu Moxa therapy for Sexual empowerment

moxa cigar
Acu therapies have proven effect on the CNS (Central Nervous System) and Sex hormones. Acu Moxa therapy also known as Moxibustion, is the Heating of specific Body Points with a Chinese Herbal Cigar.

Order the Moxa Cigars online, and obtain the ‘Point Map’ from us. Self treatment for a few weeks will produce tremendous results.