Acupuncture Course Details

"Awaken to the structuring of life force" through Acupuncture - to serve humanity without drugs.

Learn the best mediation of physiology from Jingwell Academy.

Acupuncture -
1. Allows structured neurotransmission to rectify ischaemic and cerebro vascular accidents.
2. Enhances cellular penetration of micro nutrients for better metabolism and enhances ligand receptor binding.
3. Unblocks obstruction of life flow, by activation of intermediates.
4. Harmonizes the endocrine and neuro-endocrine circuits to inhibit thermal states.
5. Absorbs vital kidney essence to prevent ageing, aid learning and alert responses.

Contact classes with Practical conducted on week ends at Bangalore and Chennai Study Centers. We are members of Acupuncture Science Association (ASA), a National Umbrella group creating recognition of Acupuncture as an Independent system of treatment in India.

Jingwell Academy Faculties teach the courses as per the University Standards. Subjects include Indian Systems of Treatment, TCM and Acupuncture Meridian systems.

Subjects include Indian Systems of Treatment, TCM and Acupuncture Meridian systems.

We also facilitate a 14 day Clinical Internship program at Huaihua - Hunan Province, China. Please apply for eligibility. We are authorized Indian coordinators for facilitating TCM treatment for Chronic diseases in China.

We offer a comprehensive course on scientific and classical Acupuncture (TCM). The course gives each student the opportunity to practice needling under the guidance of well-trained Authorized Professionals in our clinics within south India.

Important Note: Clinical Internships Camps and Weekend workshops conducted at various cities. Please join our Advanced TCM Aspires Series Sunday workshops, at Vijayawada, Hyerabad, Chennai and Bangalore.

Sl. No Course Type Eligibility Offered By Duration
1 Advanced Clinical Training Certificate Professional Doctors/ Paramedics Jingwell Academy 1 year

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