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Inner Healing - TCM

Most minds are driven by the faith (placebo) that any external intervention would make us healthy and strong.

Only the wise can understand that inner calm will never bring any calamity.. Whatsoever !

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) explains Mindfulness!

Within TCM, heart Qi manages the body’s present connection to time and space. If the “being in the moment” is disrupted, then the heart Qi is blocked and mental illness or various neurological disorders occur.

Precisely, within TCM, mindfulness is understood as a non physical phenomenon (Qi ) which directly affects physical systems, resulting in empirical data. This is tracked and treated through the TCM understanding of Qi through Acupuncture.

Such a great system - Acupuncture has been recognized as an independant stream of treatment.. In India...after a long struggle and teamwork. Now it's time to dive deeper into the standards of learning this system properly!

Recent revelations from great scientific authors who come from families of surgeons and scientists as well as a strong learning of traditional oriental treatment system too - the theoretical base is getting fixed. The piezoelectric spark of Life creates its own intricate pathway along Fascia (the surrounding collagenous interstitia) to conduct blood and other mediators for healthy physiology.. to keep body healthy !

This spark (Qi) moves with a specific Velocity (wind) Viscosity (dampness) depending on the resultant heat acquired from internal and external sources.

Quarks, Leptons and Solitons (subatomic particles) have an important role in this harmonious flow of Qi - the life Force.

The Meridians are cleavages right from the formation of midline in the ectoderm during embryonic development (Morphogenesis).

- Dr Raju C Krishna