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An Introduction to Acupuncture

Acupuncture, today known as a Chinese Traditional Therapy, was known to the primitives who lived around the Oriental part (almost 4000 years ago), which is now known as Sri Lanka. Research of the Aryan and Dravidian Civilizations too reveal much more facts that the points used in this method of healing, have been in use by the people of Indian Peninsula, for a healthy way of living.

Chinese dynasties and the Maoist Communist regime cherished this therapy later, revealing the existence of energy pathways along the Skin’s surface and still deeper, that influenced the Patho-physiology in all Living creatures! Today, these pathways are scientifically known as "Meridians". The activation of one or more Meridians is practiced now, all over the world, by several Advanced Practitioners and Barefoot Doctors alike, to heal several disorders and symptoms, and to prevent further diseases.

Neuro-Hormonal mediation, Vaso-vagal harmonizing and Immune enhancing effects of Acupuncture have today placed the therapy in the hands of "Open minded" Scientists, Doctors & Healers. The therapy has been proven to be Cost Effective and Preventive also.

Acupuncture is an oriental method of treating disease by balancing the Constitution or internal climate of the sick person. Treatment is carried out by inserting unique needles at specific body points known which have very low resistance to any pressure.

This therapy was known to men who lived in the Northern Lankan regions long back. By 400 BC Emperor Huang Di of China wrote the first inscription on Acupuncture, in the name "Nei Jing" - the first Medical Treatise of the World.

The communist regime of China further promoted this therapy and accorded regal status to Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Acupuncture has gained the status of a Scientific therapy owing to the research and proving by many world Scientists, Neuro-biologists and Physicians.

This therapy mediates Neuropeptides and several Hormones within the body, ultimately resulting in perfect cure without side effects, by balancing the Lipid profile, and increasing the Receptor clearance.

A vast majority of Psychological, Physiological and Physical disorders are cured.