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Modern Strategies and the future of Acupuncture

An intention to help the suffering person, with an extraordinary capacity to visualize the composition of the Life Force within him, and a strategic manipulation of the inner potential, is healing; Acupuncture is a sure way of comprehensive healing.

Pulse Diagnosis, Tongue Diagnosis, Appearance and senses of the subject verily reflect the parameters to be supplemented. These are beyond doubt, the purest guiding factors, yet - difficult due to the following reasons:

Pulse rhythms tend to vary during modern day stress and are not uniform in the course of the day. Tongue coating may be due to food colors and toxins.

The patient’s expression of senses may be clouded by his own assumptions based on the wrong ideas repeatedly dictated by modern medical practices.

These facts call for an evolution of new strategies in the diagnosis and selection of points. In evolving these strategies we are more into the Zang-Fu theory blended with the logic of a modern day programmer.

The primary logic and fact is that “There is darkness and cold only when brightness and heat are diminished”. Therefore to cure Vision problems, Cold, Sinusitis, Congestive Headaches, Lethargy etc., the Fire of the system needs a boost.

Memory loss is a condition where we search for Names, Things, Places - of course under dim light or darkness. We can locate them in better light. Hence to illuminate and make the search faster, Fire needs a boost in this condition too.

The next fact is that “Sound can travel in Air”, therefore problems related to Hearing, are to be treated by manipulating Air.

Logically, Fire always co-exists and moves upward with Air. To treat Vertigo, Syncope, Suffocative disorders of the head and Chest, both Fire and Air should be supplemented. In all the above manipulations, Wood gets burnt since there cannot be combustion without a ‘Fuel’. Therefore the Dry and Hot Hepato-biliary points will work wonders in the above cases, combined with the Windy points of the upper limbs.

The next logic of Gravity belonging to Earth and to its embodiment Water, calls our attention. Conjunction of both leads to Weight as otherwise there is only mass.

The conjunction leads to piling up leading to Obese conditions. To relieve this condition, bound moisture should be unbound. Hydrophobic forces should be effected by sedation of Humidity. Earth absorbs water - therefore, Thirst is a quality of the Spleen meridian and an indicator of the Pancreatic function.

Inducing Thirst in a thirst less subject should be the foremost task in healing. Since dissolution of Sugars and decreased LDL formation follows the quenching process.

All physiological processes depend on Bio-availability of Amino Acids, Oxygen and Water molecules in their purest form and also on the Receptivity at the receptor levels of the system viz., Midbrain and Cellular levels. Acupuncture precisely conditions and promotes In-vivo Catalysis by setting right the parameters through exothermic or endothermic pathways.

We should educate the patients that Fever, Sweating, Sedation, Increased Thirst and Appetite following a treatment are the indicators of a progressive cure.

Insomnia with painful complaints and anxiety or anger indicates lack of dampness and quenching. Excess internal brightness and noise are inferred from the subject’s Hyper-sensitivity to Light, Sunlight, Sounds etc.

Air and Metal are synonymous as there are both good conductors of sound, heat and signals. The Neuromuscular defects therefore call for treatment of the Metallic points.

Receptivity of the Mind reflects on the system’s responses to treatment. Receptors in the Midbrain and all over the Cells recognize and allow binding of the natural Ligands, attributing a major success to Acupuncture therapies.

Many Strategies can be developed by the Healers time and again, in addition to conventional Pulse Diagnosis by carefully “Listening” to the patient’s feelings, desires, fancies and modalities to hot and cold conditions.

Acupuncture is the only healing science endowed with engineering concepts and logic. By forming strategies using common sense and basic Physical Sciences, Acupuncture can be applied as a wonderful healing therapy in a cost effective and faster manner.