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Purpose of Human Life

Every Human being who descends on Earth must have a value and vision in his life. This individual must not only work towards his development but also offer help to his ambience and his fellow human beings around him evolved in the respective spectrum.

This mission will lead a human to a greater height in the materialistic society as well as the spiritual circle. This constant process would improve the quality of living of every human being. Mystics around the world who practice different religions have always insisted that one must work towards the development of the needy and the sick. This tremendous task would improve their standard as well as their nation’s socio-economical status.

The Supreme Being has always blessed with a messiah from time to time. The spiritually enabled mystics have set a benchmark for leading a triumphant and blissful life. These masters have conjured on many a science and art that would heal and offer utmost fitness to a normal human being. This state of supreme bliss has come up after years of practice and perseverance.

One such wonderful art is Acupuncture that originated from south East Asia where mystics had improved this art and utilized it for the development of common man. This healing therapy has a Holistic approach which focuses on an endogenous cure of the bodily ailments as well as enhancement of the soul. The ancient masters who practiced this art not only believed in curing the body but emphasized in treating the person at the prime level that would lead him to greater heights at all levels of health – Physical, Physiological, Mental, Spiritual and Socio-economical.

"Modern Medical Science" especially the World Health Organization, defines such a state of wholistic health as the ultimate objective of healing. There are various modes of Acupuncture, that treat many disorders and the ‘cure’ achieved is still a wonder to Modern Medical Science.

It is the wish and will of all the Spiritual Masters that the Human Being must evolve to greater heights and selflessly devote himself to the fortification of the under-privileged. This process will lead a Nation to a greater height. Let us join the mission.

"If you can’t be a King, Be a Healer".

Dr. Raju Krishna