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Status of Acupuncture in India

In India, Acupuncture is believed to be a Medical Wonder that originated from China, and is slowly getting acceptance across all the regions. The Government of India is treating this Art as a 'Mode of Therapy' with caution. Learned Scholars deputed by the Government of India have imposed certain restrictions and defined certain parameters and practice of Acupuncture.

Our Nation is the source of many miraculous science and art forms. Our Ancestors had excelled in many advance domains and set up yardsticks to the other evolving societies around the world. One precedent for this was our Indus Valley Civilization. This society was a fully developed society, not only in terms of economy but also physical strength and spiritual well being. Every citizen in this ancient society was a literate and ensured that the deserving got the dues.

Many examples can be cited from our society. The well renowned 'Sage Sushrutha'' was the father of Indian Medicine and the first ever Physician to perform many crucial Surgeries which baffles the modern day Practitioners and Surgeons. This precision which he possessed comes after ages of practice of the knowledge that he incorporated from his Masters.

One such wonderful Art that was lost in our modern society is the "Varma Chikithsa" a branch of Ayurveda that speaks of subtle "Nadis" (Pulses), "Naalas" (Meridians) and "Chakras" (Major Energy Hubs) in the Human Body. It is said that a preacher from India travelled across Mt. Kailash and propagated this Holistic Therapeutic Art in the Tibetian regions and around.

This School of Thought had a tremendous (but interrupted) reception during various Dynasties that ruled those regions that we now know as China. The Chinese studied and documented this Acupuncture and Moxibustion Mode of Therapy and included them in Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM.

The mystics in Ancient India had a unique set of regulations which emphasized the overall health of the society. Every Individual was incorporated with the knowledge of medicine (folklore healing) which was a handy source of healthy and blissful living.

The Government must understand that Acupuncture is one of the essential aspects which should be open to all the seekers without any stigma – neither should it be observed as a Taboo nor as a simple subject that could be explained only by 'Scientists' who have little knowledge of our Ancient powers of healing and Spiritual matters.

The Government of India must organize a platform that includes scholars from various schools of thoughts and must discuss to accept our ancient discoveries for the well being of our country. Acupuncture should be open to all those who seek it without any interference from the Allopathic industry.

Dr Raju Krishna