After the treatment from Dr. Raju, magic happened where Urticaria really disappeared

I was suffering from Urticaria since 1991. I have tried many treatments for 26 years but in vain. I was taking allergy tablets which had immense drowsiness and side effects in my daily life. It effected my academics as well as my work life. After the treatment from Dr Raju, magic happened where Urticaria really disappeared. It’s almost 2.5 months where I am living free life without sufferings. I am immensely grateful for Dr Raju for gifting me a new life. He is blessing for humanity!!


Completely cured of Seizures

I have been suffering from Seizures for past 23 years. I have tried out all medicines but none cured me completely. I went to a leading neurologists in Chennai but still I was advised to take medicine - it lead me to over drowsyness & affected my studies. Finally I met Dr. C.K. Raju, he said that he could clear my disease in 5 sittings. I got completely cured & my doctor was surprised from my report. Dr. C.K. Raju had changed my life - thanks to him.

Kalyan Kumar

My Experience in Acupuncture Training

Acupuncture treatment started in ancient China and became popular in the Western countries since 1972. By the end of the 20th Century it has become a widely practiced therapy in Southern States of India owing to the support given by Medicina Alternativa University of Colombo - Sri Lanka.

Dr. Raju who got trained thus in Acupuncture during the late 90's has found more of the hidden treasure, which made him give up the job of Industrial Production Engineer to dedicate totally for Acupuncture research and application. His sole motive has been to propagate the knowledge to many people in the society to make many natural healers and to heal the poor and downtrodden sick people.

I felt it was not too late to learn this treatment and to impart the healing to the people. The philosophy of this therapy: "God created Man from the dust of Earth in his own likeness and breathed through his nose, thus giving him life. He placed thousands of switches known as Acu-points (of low resistance to any impulse) in different parts on the skin surface and energized these 'Channels' for good health. The wicked man by Sins like Wrong food, Wrong Drugs and Worldly pleasures, weakens the energy along these channels which result in Sickness and disfiguration. Still, God - our merciful Father reveals this truth of his In-built healing power in all men, allowing them to have a Healthy, Happy and Holy kingdom on earth."

Jesus Christ, during his public life, healed many sick people and relieved them from mental, physical and social sufferings and enlightened them spiritually. In Acupuncture or Acupressure healing is effected the same way by touching specific points with the fingers or the needle tip depending on the Sickness and Age factors. To my astonishment, during our practical healing session at Tharuvaikulam, our Doctor took many children in his lap and gave them healing touches for sickness like fever, vomiting, lacrimation, diarrhea etc.

I feel that by learning this hidden truth of our Body, we shall heal many people in our lifetime and establish a 'World of Good health' before the 2nd coming of God. Let us take all the people to the list of his chosen people!

Sr. Freeda Ann
St. Ann's Society

My mother got relieved completely from her vertigo attacks in just one sitting

Atul, Age 30, Chartered Accountant narrates:

I had severe back pain which was radiating to my right leg. After consulting number of doctors for the same I decided to go for acupuncture treatment.

Fortunately I found Dr. Raju's contact number from internet and consulted him for the acupuncture benefits and also if it had any side effects. Dr. Raju gave me three acupuncture sittings for curing my back pain and also gave me homeopathic medicine. The pain subsided completely in the third sitting and did not come back till date. Above all I did not feel any side effects from the treatment (except that my office doctor advised me not to donate blood till 6 months from the last sitting).

After feeling relieved from the pain I again consulted Dr. Raju for Vertigo treatment for my mother. My mother had a long history of vertigo attacks which became frequent during 2009. Dr. Raju gave one sitting of acupuncture along with homeopathic medicine to my mother. My mother got relieved completely from her vertigo attacks in just one sitting. I have no hesitation in recommending acupuncture treatment which I have found to be very safe and without any side effects.
(In case you require any further details you can contact me through my email. I will be more happy to help)

Thank Dr. C.K. Raju for his commendable services rendered towards the humanity!

Ashwin S. Kumar, Business Consultant from Chennai (India) narrates:

I have been receiving treatment from Dr. Raju for the past 3 years for tremors and general fitness related issues. I have found his treatment very effective and energizing. His holistic approach in treating the patients is his unique specialty. This process is the prime source to my energy levels. I have improved in lot of aspects since this treatment.

Dr. Raju's treatment not only focuses on my bodily ailment it also treats my inner self which has led me an unique and special state in my spiritual circle.

I earnestly thank Dr. C.K. Raju for his commendable services rendered towards the humanity and developing the wonderful art of Acupuncture.

I pray to Lord Shiva for his success in all his endeavors.

Relief from my wheezing problems and menstrual issues!

S. Sreeja from Chennai (India) narrates:

Your treatment gave me lot of relief from my wheezing problems and menstrual issues. In fact I was suffering whenever I went out, due to dust and pollution. It also prevented me from eating most of my favorite foods.

With the few sittings that I had with you, I am happy today that most of my allergy issues are gone.

With your permission, I would like to refer you to many of my friends.

Relief from my arthritis issues, which prevented me to walk even few feet

S. Lakshmi from Chennai (India) narrates:

Perhaps, it is a surprise to me that I am relieved from my arthritis issues, which prevented me to walk even few feet.

For the last 4-5 years, during rainy and winter seasons, I was visiting a number of doctors of various systems - none of them brought me any relief, either temporary or permanent.

Today, I am able to ascend the stairs of my office up to 4 floors without trouble, and this wonder was possible due to your Acu treatment.

I am grateful to your services, and request you to put this message in your website, for others to understand.

"Migraine cured with one needle poke! Infertility simultaneously treated!"

Sherly aged 43, of Nadavayal, Wayanad District, Kerala narrates:

"I had suffered severe Headaches for the past 25 years, and on account of Drug treatments had total Hair loss. After marriage, I had no conception for the past 15 years. The Headache used to shoot up highest during my Menstrual days.

On 22nd April 2003, Dr. Raju of Jingwell Academy was inaugurating a De-Addiction center of St Antony's Hospital - near my place. Rev. Sr. Lilly Paul of St.Ann's society guided him to treat my Chronic condition.

He performed the Pulse Diagnosis and then Poked an Acupuncture Needle through my Elbow, at a muscular depression. A slight shock was felt, and the Headache was gone. I could feel that the Headache had gone away on the following days and weeks.

To my astonishment and ecstasy, I had Conceived a baby at the end of that month, and gave birth to a Male baby on 31st December 2003, exactly 253 days after the treatment.

I learnt from Sr. Lilly Paul, that a single point in the body that can cure Headaches, Vertigo etc., is a Conception point too and helps to cure Menstrual irregularities."

"Hyperthyroidism treated with a few points"

Sr. Berta, St.Ann's (South Zone) Sacred Heart Hospital - Tuticorin, India, Narrates:

"I was under medical treatment for Hyperthyroidism since 1994 January. I was told by the Endocrinologist that the treatment should continue life long. Though I followed the advice and treatment properly, every now and then I had symptoms that troubled me. Cough and cold that ended with Anti Tubercular drugs, Hyperglycemia and Bradycardia that were corrected now then by drugs.

On August 30th, 2003, I had a swelling on my right hand middle finger. I consulted our Surgeon who advised me two days medical treatment, which would be followed by Surgery if the medicines were ineffective. I asked my colleague Sr. Roseline whether there was something for this in Acupuncture. On her advice I consulted Dr. Raju who was doing Advanced Acupuncture at our New Life Home ward for chronic disorders.

He gave me one needle poke on that day, and the swelling was gone in two days. Further, he gave me treatments on 6th Sep and 18th Oct 2003, each time needling only one unique point, which he said, would correct the Thyroid dysfunction. My Blood test also showed that the values of T4 and TSH were astonishingly normal after the treatment. I personally feel more healthy now, and thank God who has given the wisdom to man to find out the hidden healing mysteries through this Acupuncture therapy".

"My Experiences in the field of Acupuncture"

Sr. Sheela Augustine, (St.Ann's Society) Sacred Heart Hospital - Tuticorin, narrates:

"I am happy to express my gratitude to almighty God who created us in his own image and put into us his power - power to heal by mere touch!"

God has revealed that Homo sapiens are empowered with healing energy that passes to the internal Organs through the unseen, Channels of Acupuncture. These pathways have been proved to be functionally related Synapses of the Neuro Muscular network, which result in specific Bio Chemical alterations needed for a physiological correction.

I learnt Acupuncture from Dr. Raju who trained our St.Ann's Society Sisters of South Zone, at Sacred Heart Hospital. Let me narrate some of my experiences after learning the therapy.

1.  On 8th June 2003, Sr. Gnana Sundary (Principal - St.Ann's Nursing College) had a scorpion sting. She had Analgesic drugs which could control the pain for a while. On a call from her to do Acupuncture, I applied a needle over the 'Ah-Shi' point and one needle over 'Liv-3'. In seconds her pain vanished and she slept extremely well.

2.  A 75 year old patient named Siva sundar, of Jafna (Sri Lanka) was admitted in our ward for Lumbar spine fracture. He was bed ridden and had bed sores. He opted for treatment with Acupuncture since he had known about it at Sri Lanka. Points on the Sciatic pathway were needled for a week, with Analgesic points. His pulse diagnosis was done daily and equilibrium of all the Five elements was found in 20 days. He walked well, and happily left for his home.

3.  As an anesthetist myself, I have the greatest of the facts to be presented. Every time I had experimented when patients on the Surgical table had Bradycardia, I gave Acupressure at point 'Quze' which worked instantly each time to bring up the vagal tone to normalcy. Conversely, whenever the patients had Tachycardia, I put my fingers to the points 'Neiquan' and 'Shenmen', and watched the pulse becoming normal. With awe and astonishment I had watched the monitor to find this miraculous in-built scientific power of God. I have stopped using Atropine, Mephentin etc for Bradycardia and Hypotension. Analgesic effect of Acupuncture is far beyond the effect of the best and latest Drugs.

I thank the almighty God for the healing power he had put into Acupuncture points, and wish Dr. Raju more success in his efforts to propagate this divine Science.

"Atul Kumar's Diabetes cured in two sittings - Fatty Liver diagnosed."

Nizar - SANS Enterprises, Steel Market Chennai, Narrates:

Atul Kumar of Chennai had Diabetic symptoms, and the Serum Glucose RBS confirmed this with a high level of 380mg.

We told him about Acupuncture, and took him to Dr Raju. His Liver Tonification points were stimulated in three consecutive days, according to the Acupuncturist. Blood sugar level remained below 100mg, for more than a year after this treatment.

Reason for the poor Liver functionality was diagnosed to be a Fatty Patch in the Liver, by Medical diagnosis. Treatment was carried out with Acupuncture, Ayurveda and Chemotherapy which altogether cured him.